Leading Semi Trailer Manufacturer in Australia

Leading Semi Trailer Manufacturer in Australia

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About Us

Regal Trailers is a family-owned trailer company in Melbourne with a proud 8-year history of building trailers that provide the highest quality and durability at the most affordable price on the market. We offer a comprehensive range of semi-trailers that are known for their reliability. We have a customer-centric approach and all our processes and decisions are made with the sole objective of satisfying our customer.

Regal Trailers is part of Regal United Pty Ltd – a wholly owned Australian family trailer company in Melbourne, Victoria.

A Quality-First Approach

Our trailer manufacturing process has been developed on the principle of PDCA – Plan, Do, Check and Act. Quality is our foundation, with a quality-first approach governing all of our decisions.

As one of the best trailer manufacturers in Melbourne, we follow well-established processes to ensure superior material quality, impress quality and final quality. Every semi-trailer in Melbourne we make is designed and engineered in Australia and manufactured in Australia to withstand our harsh environment and conditions.

Safety & Compliance

Safety is our top priority, which is why we carry out a risk assessment on all our processes and products to ensure they’re compliant.

Quality Trailers

We promise to deliver our clients trailers of the highest quality, durability and reliability.

Drop Deck Trailer

If you haul heavy and high loads on a regular basis or want to give yourself more cubic space to work with, we offer drop deck freighter trailers for sale that can provide the solution you need. Our team of expert drop deck trailer manufacturers in Melbourne can build the perfect drop deck trailer for your haulage requirements.

Double Drop Deck Trailer

Regal Trailers is one of the leading double drop deck trailer manufacturers in Melbourne for all kinds of double drop deck trailers that are capable of hauling cargo of different heights. We can custom make a machinery transport trailer that’s shaped and sized as per your specifications for hauling cranes, dozers and other heavy equipment.

Straight Deck Trailer

If you’re looking for the best straight deck trailer manufacturers in Melbourne, Regal Trailers can design a heavy-duty trailer for you that’s highly durable and gets the job done. A straight deck trailer can be used to haul various types of bulky freight over long distances.

Skeletal Trailer

Need experienced skeletal trailers manufacturers? Regal Trailers can build you a custom skeletal trailer to fulfil your loading and haulage requirements. These trailers are ideal for holding containers of any width and length to ensure your cargo gets to its destination safely.

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