40’ A-Double Trailers

40′ A-Double trailers are a versatile solution in the world of transportation. This unique double-trailer configuration allows for increased cargo capacity while maintaining manoeuvrability and compliance with length restrictions. Whether you need a 40’ A-Double skeletal trailer or a 40’ A-Double semi-trailer for sale, Regal Trailers has you covered.

Multipurpose 40’ A-Double trailers and 40ft skel trailers are commonly used for transporting shipping containers. They offer cost-effective transport options by maximising load capacity and reducing the number of trips required for large cargo. This makes a 40’ A-Double semi-trailer or 40ft extendable skel trailer an efficient choice for long-haul freight transport.

Browse our A-Double low-profile range today to find the best 40’ A-Double trailer for your requirements.

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