12 Pallet Dropdeck Curtainsider A Trailer

The 12 pallet dropdeck curtainsider A trailer from Regal Trailers is a versatile and efficient solution for transporting goods. Featuring a single drop in its chassis, this trailer offers easy loading and unloading capabilities. Available in either 4.3 or 4.6-metre heights, our 12 pallet drop deck A trailer can accommodate a wide range of cargo sizes. The front tyres provide stability, while the deck boasts a convenient drop feature, further simplifying the loading process. With a generous pallet capacity, our 12 pallet A trailer for sale maximises cargo space utilisation and is an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable, space-efficient and adaptable transportation solutions for their goods.

Curtainsider Trailers Features

Brand new curtainsiders available for sale in Victoria with the given features.

  • 12 pallet drop deck A
  • Single drop floor
  • White Coaming Rails and Grey Chassis
  • Hanging Gates fitted to both trailers
  • Mezzanine Floors in Drop section of both Trailers
  • K- Hitch 2 speed landing legs with Rocker foot
  • Tool box with extra straps(06 with A)
  • Hubodometer fitted to center axles
  • Fitted with White painted Curtains/Customized curtains available (On demand)
  • K-Hitch Airbag Suspension and drum axles(Tri-axle).
  • WABCO EBS Brake System.
  • 275/70 R 22.5 tyres fitted 10 stud Rims
  • Autoslack adjusters
  • 12 Pallet lead trailer not refrigerated
  • Wight gauges(On demand)
  • Fire extinguishers(On demand)
  • Water tank on A trailers (On demand)
  • Nose cone on front & Rear panel on back(barn door available on demand)
  • 3mm steel chequer plate floor
  • front and rear curtain tensioners
  • not refrigerated
  • Side Access Steps
  • Winches in full length track