45’ 22 Pallet Straight Deck Trailer

The 45′ 22 pallet straight deck curtainsider trailer from Regal Trailers is a versatile and essential tool in the logistics industry. With its 45-foot length, the 45’ straight deck curtainsider offers ample space for accommodating 22 standard pallets, making it an efficient choice for hauling various types of cargo. The straight deck design of the curtainsider B trailer 45ft 22 pallet ensures a flat and stable loading surface, allowing for easy loading and unloading of goods. The curtainsider feature also offers the flexibility of quickly accessing cargo from either side, streamlining the distribution process. Available in 4.3 and 4.6-metre heights, the 45’ 22 flat deck curtainsider is ideal for businesses looking to maximise their freight capacity and ensure the secure transportation of goods.

Curtainsider Trailers Features

Brand new 45’ 22 Pallet Straight Deck curtainsiders available for sale in Victoria with the given features.

  • 22 pallet straight deck B
  • Single drop floor
  • White Coaming Rails and Grey Chassis
  • Hanging Gates fitted to both trailers
  • Mezzanine Floors in Drop section of both Trailers
  • K- Hitch 2 speed landing legs with Rocker foot
  • Tool box with extra straps(11 with B)
  • Hubodometer fitted to center axles
  • Fitted with White painted Curtains/Customized curtains available (On demand)
  • K-Hitch Airbag Suspension and drum axles(Tri-axle).
  • WABCO EBS Brake System.
  • 275/70 R 22.5 tyres fitted 10 stud Rims
  • Autoslack adjusters
  • 22 Pallet tag trailer not refrigerated
  • Wight gauges(On demand)
  • Fire extinguishers(On demand)
  • Water tank on B trailers (On demand)
  • Nose cone on front & Rear panel on back(barn door available on demand)
  • 3mm steel chequer plate floor
  • front and rear curtain tensioners
  • not refrigerated
  • Side Access Steps
  • Winches in full length track